Friday, March 19, 2010

An update: Calculus and Referrals

Ok. So far, I nearly completed two sections of my Calculus booklet with only one more problem to complete. Also, I finished half of the first section and the methods of solving these types of problems are slowly coming back into my mind. I'm very glad that I am receiving a lot of positive comments regarding my writing despite the fact that I haven't enrolled in an English course for two years.

I'm very close to getting to $40 on FusionCash which is awesome, but getting $50 will be the best thing every for me. Unfortunately, some of the offers are jerks. In other words, I complete them and I don't get paid which sucks. This is where the referrals come in.

Our referral bonus system is very simple:

* Refer a friend who confirms his/her email address: $1 bonus
* Your friend completes his/her first offer: $2 bonus
* Your friend cashes out: $5 bonus (each and every time they cashout - for life

Free money at FusionCash - No catch. Just cash.

Thanks to FusionCash, I am able to get enough money to not only be eligible for cashout, but to buy some things from ebay which is really great and amazing.

So far, I have 2 goals.
1. A vintage doll from the 90s - Completed. I already got enough for this one.
2. Japanese Kit Kats - Ongoing.
My budget: $20.00
So far: $7.49
Need: $12.51

All I need is $12.51 more by the end of this month and both of these goals will be reached with the help of referrals of course. ;)

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