Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Jem Doll arrived

My Jem Doll arrived today, it was really cool to really feel a Jem Doll, it feels like I have it for years when I just got it today, the clothes were ok but needs fixing + I'm trying to get the cigarette smoke off the doll!!!!! It's really hard to get it off because I am trying a lot of things to remove it and the smoke is still there! Ok so I can't find any 12 1/2 fashions all the dolls and fashions that I have is 11 1/2 and there is no way an 11 1/2 fashion can fit my Jem doll because Jem's butt is huge so fashions are going to be made on a sewing machine or if I have enough money to buy a Jem fashion because right now there is a big husky bill! Well that's it for now...

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