Monday, February 21, 2005

Yay! Im back!

Yay! I'm back to my sweet Windows ME Desktop computer, well things are 98% ok, still have to upgrade my Msn messenger and sign in to forums that I am a member of. For an odd reason the time travel forum won't accept my password even though the admin gave me a new password, weird 0_o. Anyway I finish Crystal Club Episode 5: Jane's Personality Switch and I will put it on tomorrow because I am studyng for my Japanese characteristics test and Health CPR Quiz 1 that I will get tomorrow. Viewing this blog from my laptop was weird, everything was basic and stuff.

And for people asking me if there is going to be more updates in March the answer is yes because in March I will have 2 weeks of Spring Break so that will give me enough time to work on 5 episodes for 1 week, and 5 episodes for the 2nd week. Don't worry the public school I attend doesn't give homework on breaks so it will be an easy breeze to get the episodes done. I'm trying to end the series possibly in May or early June, and I won't be working on the series in the Summer because of summer school. After Summer Crystal Club will start the 2nd season but the date is not certain at the time.

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