Sunday, February 27, 2005

So busy

I'm so busy, I couldn't update my own website, blog, and livejournals ddrfan and Diaspro or even start typing Episode 6, maybe I should set it aside until the break after all, there is going to be more updates in late March. I didn't even start my outline and current events local. I HATE LOCAL NEWS! NoThIn Happens where I live, the mainland lots of stuff but here nothing! Maybe if I put my mind to it I can get it all done within an hour ok ready set go *puts it to mind* GAHHHHHHHH no results. For once I wish February had 29 days instead of 28 that way I will have more time to do this, and why is the weekend only 2 days long why can't it be three every week.

I know to really finish my outline I will just pull things from wikipedia and credit them through bibliography. Man what is up with people being serious about plagerism. I know I don't want anyone copying my story but other then that this is crazy, so will a person get arrested for plagerism??? That might happen in the future, as education gets tougher as the years pass by, the past is locked away and the only way to get it unlocked is by time travel. The future is an open door, when you get in, its blank that is because the future holds many secrets and dangers ahead of everyone.

OOps by the way, I PASS MY JAPANESE CHARACTERISTICS TEST!!!!!!!! And I pass my CPR Quiz 2, ok so only a minute for #3 Lets see... let me time myself OK READY SET GO

1. Call 911
2. Tap are you ok, shout help
3. roll person over if on stomach
4. look listen feel 10sec
5. give 2 breaths
6. check pulse 10 sec
7. find landmark
8. start circulation 4 cycles 2 breaths after each cycle
9. recheck pulse

Time: 50 sec

Well not bad for a fast typer, oh the test is actually there are nine pics and put it in order from first to last by letter like A. is call 911 which is first and C. is tap person then shout and so forth, oh yeah and the atmosphere IS NEVER QUIET so mind power conquers all!

Picture of Mindy Amarone <-- I always misspelled this I type Armaone instead of Amarone

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