Sunday, February 27, 2005

I won a Jem doll!

I won a Jem Doll on ebay for $4.99 YAY! It's the first edition Jem/Jerrica doll, ok so it is not wearing the original outfit at all, its wearing a different outfit but hey something is better then nothing. Here are 2 pics of the doll that I won. Hair needs to be brushed but thats ok I can use a comb to brush the hair. Hmmm... Is that the round bulb shape earrings or the star capped earrings? I have no idea. GRRRRR...ok that's it I am going to bail on this current event because like I said earlier local news is boring, no news is good news in a bad way cuz I can't get info! NOTHING INTERESTING HAPPENS! Oh yeah and the blogger profile is fixed just click on the Holograms Aja, Kimber, Shana, and Raya to see the blogger profile before it vanished! Now that's Truly Outrageous!

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