Saturday, February 12, 2005

1st Batch: Secrets of the Crystal Club

Hiya, have you been visiting the Crystal Club website lately? You know,

Well, there are secrets about the story that are only revealed through e-mail or blog so here is a brief list of the other characters and when the characters are introduced, After I finished Season 1 of the Crystal Club which is 18 or 19 episodes I will post all of the secrets of the Crystal Club on the website.

Ms. Fiatsu - Jackie's counselor (5)
Ms. Trina - Headmistress for Sedna High School (2)
Ms. Danos - Headmistress for Sedna Dark College (2/3)
Ms. Frona - A legendary teacher that created the secret layer deep within Sedna Dark College to trap and remove anyone that possesses supack magic through a slow painful process (3)
Morgan Amarone - Mindy's mom a very good lawyer, but her name can get confused by the famous Mortician with the same name as Mindy's Mom but different last name (6)
Peter Amarone - Mindy's father, a accountant (6)

If you guessed that Mindy's last name is Amarone then your right, not sure if that's even a word or what it means.

The mortician that mysterously disappeared after selling 100 coffins is Morgan Selrantozenbala, Mindy's mom Morgan Amarone tells the story about how Morgan Selrantozenbala mysteriously disappeared in episode 6: Parades gone wild.

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