Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Why do I get this... GARRRGH!

Can someone explain to me why the hell little dot thinys appear on my damn posts every fuckin time I fuckin post a message?!!!! FUCKIN PISSIN ME OFF! NOTE: I APOLOGIZE FOR THE SWEARING BUT SHIT THIS BLOG THING IS WORST THEN LIVEJOURNAL AND XANGA! XANGA AND LIVEJOURNAL IS EASY BUT THIS IS NOT BUT I TRY TO GET USE TO IT! OK! SO BEFORE MY PREVIOUS MESSAGE GOT FUCKED UP HERE'S WHAT I TYPE!Ok so my class stuff is ok, whoever typed out my 2nd semester stuff on my yellow paper should be sued because I would have gotten busted if I follow that stuff! Luckily I have the green paper and tells all of the periods of my classes CORRECTLY! Man this is the first time an error has been displayed on my stuff, if this happens again, I will find the person who type it and kick his or her *** guarenteed! So P.2 wierd, I had Japanese for P.2 2 years ago, yeah I failed Japanese 2 years ago, so what?! I met a lot of new people and I know some people from my P.1, 3, and 4 classes. P.4 is the same, I past first semester!!! P.6 I had health class in the adult education building, it was hard to find it but I found it and it was located at the end of the first floor!!! So odd number days tomorrow Chemistry first, then US History with all of my friends in it yay and Algebra Connections. Let's see what to do, study for P.2 DUH! Start finding a article for current events p.3 I hate local cuz nothing happens, national and international a lot happens but here in Hawaii nothing duz. Finish P.6 homework - this is easy the teacher (acts like my p.3 teacher) make it sound like its hard but really its easy, just have to past the tests and work and thats it no biggie.

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