Friday, January 28, 2005

Jem and the Holograms Season 1 and 2

Today I watched Jem and the Holograms Season 1 and 2, ok on the first disc the songs for the first 5 episodes are long and why the hell is the Jem Girl theme the opening instead of the Jem Theme, not only that Episode 1's sound effects are butchered maybe that's how it was, I don't know!

On the 2nd disc only World Shindig or something like that had an encore performance, on the audio commentary Christy Marx bad mouths the Starlight Girl's clothes and the Marx Girl's School is easily seen on the bus in the Music Awards Part 2.

- The Character for Jerrica was orignally called Morgan and Jem's character was orignally called Misty? Ok so the people from Pokemon would have been sued if that name was copyrighted, then it was changed to M but come on a letter can't be copyrighted so it was named Jem
- Character for Aja was orignallly named Jane and Kimber was orignally named Aja
- Character of Stormer was orignally named Roxy and Roxy was orignally named Ruth?
- Character for Ashley was orignally named Heather, someone wanted a starlight girl to be named Ashley
- There were orignally suppose to be 5 starlight girls, but there were 12 that's wierd I counted 11 did I counted wrong?
- So far Chirsty Marx hates the 1st Starlight House, the Rockin Roadster, and what the Starlight Girls are wearing.
- Christy Marx likes Twlight in Paris, I Got My Eye on You, I am a Giant, and Makin Mischeif
- In Music Awards Part 1, Jerrica using the mirror to blast back the lasers is cut
- The 800 number before the ending credits is cut

Disc 3 has the most episodes with encore performances, but has no extras? Maybe the encore performances are the extras?

Disc 4 has the most extras, interview with Christy Marx, Samantha Newark, Jem Bible, and public service announcements

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