Tuesday, January 25, 2005

For people who want to use my designs read this!

For people who want to use my designs, site layouts, and htmls PLEASE E-MAIL ME FIRST, and give me a reason why you or whatever wanted to use any of my design, site layouts, htmls, etc... I am sick and tired of people just taking my stuff without permission or giving me no credit, so strict rules are in effect.

If you don't ask me permission through e-mail then I will have to tell you to ask me first to see if I approve otherwise NO STEALING! Failure to meet this, will result in immediate action. First time is a warning, Second time is suspended, and third time (3 strikes your out), I will find out who you are and hunt your @$$ down understand?????!!!! All I am asking for is for you sneaky stealers to ask for permission by e-mailing me, THAT'S ALL I ASK! IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO ASK PERMISSION FROM ME!

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