Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The First Post...I'll get use to Blogger's features

Ok, so here is my first post, this is similar to my livejournal but the colors are black and blue because black and blue are my favorite colors. So...Here's what I wanted to post. First of all, I wanted to tell anyone who is trying to copy my layout on any of my websites is to first e-mail me because permission from me is needed since I created the layout in the first place. If my website layouts were copyrighted then anyone copying my layout will be in big trouble, luckily its not copyrighted but still I want everyone to know that my permission to use the layout is needed. All you copycaters you just got lucky cuz you copycaters didn't know but next time e-mail me and ask! Second, Crystal Club Episode 2 is half way done, it will be available to download on Saturday or Sunday my time. The URL for the Crystal Club Website is http://www.geocities.com/crystalclubgirls/main.html Third I'm new at this blog thing, but I can get use to it fast because its similar to livejournal, and Ant29 is my nickname, I don't post my real name. Anyway I spotted a Rock N Curl Jem doll on ebay but come on its buy it now $35.00?! I don't think so, it may be mint and has everything but too expensive plus no insurance, makes it worse, my price range is below that price, oh well only 28 days to go until my want it now post on ebay is gone but I can always post it back, man that Rock N Curl Jem theme is so addicting, I already got the song stuck in my head. Jem Rock N' Curl, Rock N' Curl Jem! Oh yeah. Oh man I'll do anything to at least own one mint condition Jem doll, I know the show was cancelled a few months before I was born, but the dolls are all pretty especially the Glitter N Gold Fashions! Ok first thing to own, The Jem DVDs already have that ordered Season 3 Part 1 coming next week, the Season 1 and 2, WHAT IS THAT SELLER TAKING SO LONG?! I'm so sending spam to that seller if I don't get it by January 15, the Rock N Curl Jem doll yeah, then the Starlight Girls Banee and Ashley followed by Glitter N Gold Jem, Clash, Roxy, and Stormer of the Misfits then Flash N Sizzle Jem ending with Original Jem. The only problem is that TOO MANY PEOPLE KNOW THE VALUE OF THE DOLLS!! ALL I WANT TO OWN IS AT LEAST ONE OF THESE DOLLS THAT I MENTION ON THIS ENTRY! Ok, so this picture is Bloom from the Winx Club, Princess of Sparx and uses the dragonfire. Winx Club is the property of Rainbow and its copyrighted!

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