Monday, January 24, 2005

Alright so...

Alright so, going to print out my homework and paste it to my fitness profile, write the haiku about tennis, and study for Japanese test. Advisory period was today and yay no F's WOOOO HOOOOO! Got 2 whole credits so now I have 12 1/2 credits if this keeps up then I will have 16 1/2 credits + 1 from Summer school cuz yah I fail Algebra last year cuz I had a crappy teacher at that time so if I still do good 2nd Semester like 1st semester then I will have a total of 16 1/2 + do well in summer school 17 1/2 * pass all of my subjects for my senior year 23 1/2 credits to the 2nd power = GRADUATION 4 ME! Oh yeah! The new requirements must have 24 credits + community service crap * no easy courses = one messed up year have no effect on seniors and juniors like me, but to the sophomores and freshmen, I feel sorry for you :(

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